wolftone (wolftone) wrote,

Forest Hills Lantern Festival

I didn't imagine myself taking any photos at this year's Lantern Festival. I imagined I'd just hang out with cinnabarine and anabeliangrape and the Dog. After all, it's best to let the beauty of the ritual wash over you without worrying about shutter times and composition. right?

Lanterns with Crowd Lanterns Clumped
Lanterns with Kaya Lanterns
Lanterns pre-Sunset

I'm so weak.

Worst of all, I forgot my tripod. The full moon rose over a hundred lanterns on lake Hibiscus. I've never seen a moonrise at the Festival before, so this could have been some new subject matter if I had been able to capture it.

At least the company was good.

Tags: lantern_festival
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