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Strategic White Placement

In 2001, I was still using my first-ever digital camera. It was a Fuji MX-600 which felt pretty darn awesome at the time. Sadly, its 1280x1024 "high resolution" mode seems a bit pathetic now. The photos aren't great, but the memories are wonderful.

vent on the Tongarino volcano, NZ closing ceremonies, NEAR7
kaya on mt moosilauke Mt Everett Fire Tower
frost on Mt Lafayette
  • Halfway through my cycle trip of New Zealand, I hiked up the alien slope of a volcano. The day began undercast with the harsh sun reflecting off the clouds below. This is the most substantial hike I have ever completed wearing tevas.
  • Firetower on top of Mt Everett. Hiked the day after Thanksgiving to work off my aunt's turkey.
  • This was my third Boston->New York AIDS ride, this time participating as a bike mechanic. I learned that being a wrench is just as exhausting as riding, but at least the fundraising requirement is nil.
  • The frost on Lafayette left the whole mountain looking like something under a scanning microscope. The edges of everything were probabilistic and scaled strangely. Meaningfully, this was the first of many NH hikes featuring me, dr_sunflare, and kaya.
  • Mandatory dog photo, this time from Mt Moosilauke. I like the way the frost just barely forms on her whiskers.

Oh, and a bonus photo which doesn't fit into the pinwheel layout. It rained the day after I moved into my new place in the South End. Hard. My guests and I watched in horror as water gushed through the windowframes. At least we got a good sunset out of it.

view from my roof deck after the rain

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