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PNW Day 7: America, F*** Yeah!

twin falls

I was a bit surprised when vic and knox offered to lead a hiking trip the day before their wedding. I was not surprised at all when we arrived at their house all geared up for adventure to find them in bathrobes. Crushed under the weight of a todo list compiled since 5am, they were surprisingly chipper breakfast hosts. toutbuerre treated us all to a box of the best (non-cider) donuts in the world and we set off for Twin Falls without the boys.

It's not exactly a grueling hike, appearing on lists like "family hikes in seattle" and "easy rambles for chronic smokers and those without shoes". Still, it was a shorter drive than our original plan of visiting Mt Rainier and accommodated our lack of certain technical snow gear. We arrived early, climbed up to the falls, then continued to the "cross-state trail". This seemed as good a turnaround point as any since we were not interested in visiting Idaho. Also joining our hike was local M, who laughed and laughed at all the easterners who crouched down to capture macro photos of a slug.

Post-hike, we rendezvoused with fabulous hosts nerdseyeview and J for dinner and fireworks in West Seattle. After the humdrum finale-free pyrotechnics in Vancouver, it was good to see that the USA can still display its patriotism in burning magnesium. From our vantage point near Alki Beach, we could see 3 different shows around the Sound. The privately-financed Union Lake celebration was the best, including exotic gimmicks like cubes and smiley faces. Take that, canadians!

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