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License to Grill


Q: I'd love to get into the trendy CSA (community-supported agriculture) movement, but hate kale. What can I do about it?

A: Join a Meat CSA! I recently signed up with Chestnut Farms because their dropoffs are convenient to my location. Stillman's may work better for you.

After spending some time on Chestnut's waitlist, I finally took my first monthly delivery and have been enjoying every opportunity to crack open a vacuum-sealed pouch of meaty satisfaction. We're never sure what's going to be "in season" for any given delivery. This is lamb time, so the selection of steak and chicken was mostly hidden beneath a pile of lamb chop, lamb shoulder, and lamb sausage. Yes!

I've been making the argument frequently that meat production does not have to fit the worst-case scenarios PETA uses in its shock videos. But the baseline industry standards are still pretty gruesome. Chestnut's practices are much closer to how I'd want my animals treated and food source protected: free-grazing, grassfed, hormone-free with no finishing yards or antibiotics. I'm not converting to vegetarian anytime soon, but if I'm going to end the life of an animal for my dinner it seems right to treat it as well as possible. (Both for my good and that of the livestock.)

This is all well-timed with the new grill purchase. With 90+ degree days this weekend, it is a wonderful thing to cook without adding heat to the house interior.

Tags: csa, food, local, veg
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