wolftone (wolftone) wrote,

I'm like Sarkozy

If northern New Hampshire is good enough for the French head of state, it's good enough for me.

In my ongoing quest to hit all the small mountains I missed while in pursuit of the 4k peaks, I climbed Mt Israel on the south end of the Sandwich range. It was good to see some old favorites from a new perspective, though I was puzzled when the clouds threateningly rolled in while summitting, then cleared out as soon as I began my descent.

Mt. Israel

Sunday was spent with the parents on Lake Winnepesaukee. They were quite understanding about sharing a canoe with the dog, who was not happy at being in a different boat than Food Guy. So I kept my distance and amused myself by setting the camera up to capture a roll:

Nice day to be on (or in!) the water.
Tags: 52view, hike, kayak
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