June 9th, 2013

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[paddle] Minot Light: The Return

yuper at minot light archee at minot light

The first paddle of the kayaking season linked Nantasket Beach with Minot Light. I was joined by archee and yuper on a beautiful summer day with light breezes and views all the way to Salem on the North Shore. Minot light is built on a rocky shelf that never quite pokes above the sea, even at high tide. This has the effect of (1) making it look like the lighthouse just rises randomly out of the sea and (2) creating surprise rogue waves when the ocean currents hit the ledge. We surfed the risers a bit, but mostly just enjoyed the beautiful day.

This was my second trip to Minot. The first time was foggy and atmospheric, so I appreciated the sun and long views. That trip approached from the south, whereas this one came in from the northwest on a route I have never paddled before. The project to section-paddle all of Massachusetts continues apace.

Total trip distance: 12.9 miles. The sea is warm enough that my insulating layer was annoying while dry and insufficient when wet - can't wait for the water to warm up a bit.

lunchtime swim lunch stop, landing zone archee playing in the waves archee beached 12.9 miles