February 24th, 2013

lego me

A Two-Butt Kitchen

BEFORE Kitchen: Complete!
The Plan Demolition Complete
The Plan (first version) Day 6: Ripping up the floor

I love my house, but the kitchen made it tough to appreciate. Two people could cook in it at the cost of constantly pushing each other out of the way and waiting for the other to make some space. When entertaining guests, the chef would always be isolated behind the closet and ducking below the glassware to participate in conversation. It got the job done, if sub-optimally.

The new kitchen took about a month to build, 5 months to plan, and 6 or 7 trips to Ikea total. We cleverly sunk the landing at the top of the entrance stairs and cut the wall in half, which pushed the back wall of the peninsula out about a foot. Eliminate the closet, add a lazy susan in the corner that was previously dead space, move the half-height hanging cabinets to the east wall, add a fume hood and voila: tons more usable space. Enough to dance in.

It's a huge improvement that opens up the main floor of the house and makes cooking a much more pleasant experience. Major renovations to the house have now included the bathroom, studio, and now kitchen. I can't believe I'm already starting to think about the entryway...