December 2nd, 2008

lego me

Thanks, Turkey

brining in a bucket

In happier news, Thanksgiving went really well. Iron Pastry Chef toutbeurre and I have celebrated the last several thanksgivings together, and this time I took charge of cooking almost everything. It's a bit intimidating to cook a festival meal for two professional chefs, but I think everything came out well. I brined my organic/free-range turkey in sage and peppercorns, stuffed it with a fine dressing, whipped up my famous kumquat/ginger sauce, and served a cranberry wine. Toutbeurre provided mashed potatoes with just he right combination of lumpy and creamy, plus a heavenly pumpkin cheesecake. In the past we've cooked very non-traditional with tapas thanksgiving and other gimmicks, but sometimes you have to go with the classics.