November 6th, 2008

lego me

Updates We Can Believe In

change we can believe in

Feeling swamped and overwhelmed lately. Here's what's been going on:

  • The South End remains the best place in town for halloween. My favorite pumpkin carver topped himself this year with an Indiana Jones themed pumpkin set. It featured a chute which caused candy to fly out the mouth of the largest pumpkin. And the fact that they were offering adults wine shows that trick-or-treating is for grownups too. My costume: a bunch of nickels and quarters taped all over black clothes as "change we can believe in".
  • Visited open studios in south boston. It's a bit off the usual studios route, so there were fewer crowds and the artists seemed genuinely surprised/pleased that anyone was stopping by. I liked the escheresque 3d maze of the Distillery building for its unexpected warrens and occasional hangerlike lofts.
  • Got a new helmet light for my bike (photo) which makes me look like a total dork, but it's liberating to ride at night with confidence. The weather has been unseasonably warm as well, so the riding's even pleasant. My speed has increased lately since there are fewer people obstructing me on the bike path.
  • Thanks to ert and aerynne for the awesome election party. Had a few good arguments over whether or not non-swing state voting matters. Many seemed to think that a crushing popular vote total creates a mandate. I maintained that the constitution gives you the same power whether you win with a popular plurality or a supermajority.
  • I have already been made a casualty of the winter cold/flu season. At least my voice is an appealing low baritone now.
  • Been loving Pandora as an iphone app. The service never worked as a desktop app because I'm never in one place long enough to listen to a song. But portable, it's a fine way to discover new music.