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October 29th, 2008

11:16 pm - Probably Not How He Meant Us To Solve It

I have recently resolved to solve each week's NPR Sunday Puzzle by any means necessary. It turns out that most of the puzzles can be solved with an anagram engine or a few lines of code and an appropriate corpus. I've nailed 9 of the last 10 puzzles, so it's working well so far. I'm sure that Will Shortz thinks that this is cheating. I'm sure he wants our brains to work their natural parallelism and gravitate towards intuitive solutions. Or he wants us to find tricks and shortcuts to help narrow the problem space. Screw that. My brain thinks in terms of solving the problem in a generalized, deterministic fashion. I may not get it as fast as the intuitives, but I always get it. Anyway, here's this week's puzzle: question and answerCollapse )

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