October 13th, 2008

lego me

Meet the Meat


This weekend's agritourism adventures in Central MA:

  • A visit to Hardwick Winery. As one might expect, they only produce a small fraction of their own grapes and mostly blend bulk juice from California. Most of the vintages were unimpressive, but the cranberry wine was interesting enough to earn a place on my thanksgiving table. Beautiful facilities and an oversized disembodied foot.
  • My meat csa hosted an Open Barn. It was nice to visit the farm and see that the animals are well-treated with ample room to move around and clean facilities. The farm's St Bernard had just delivered a litter of cute puppies who were left out to be harrassed by ill-supervised children (and me). Kim treated us to trained cow tricks by calling Millie the herd leader like a dog from across the farm. I met the flock of turkeys, one of which is going to be my thanksgiving dinner.
  • A few thwarted attempts to find an apple orchard with cider donuts. Next weekend, perhaps...
  • Cookies at the Hardwicik Farmer's Market. Smaller than I expected, but you can't get more New England than a quaint town square with three white-steepled churches.
  • Beautiful foliage. Central MA is near-peak with blazing oranges and the occasional red. Hiked back to the Quabbin Reservoir for some particularly beautiful sunset reflections. The roads would have been perfect for a long pedal; I'll have to go back with the bike. (A circumnavigation of the Reservoir is a bit over 100 miles. Will this be next summer's century ride?)
(It turns out that I didn't have Columbus Day off after all, so earlier plans to hike Welch-Dickey were cancelled.)