October 9th, 2008

lego me

[dining] O Ya - a juicy tart

grku at o ya

grku decided that he was going to go serious for his significant-round-numbered-birthday celebration, so he picked O Ya. It's an elegant japanese restaurant serving intricately constructed pieces. Calling it "sushi" put me into the wrong space to appreciate it. The restaurant's offerings start with top-quality ingredients and then add extra garnishes like foamed squid ink, white truffle pesto, or anise bysop. The best sushi I've ever enjoyed was at the tokyo fish market, served simply and without adornment. Spicy banana pepper mousse creates fascinating flavor combinations, but sometimes it feels unnecessarily busy.

O Ya is worth the experience if not just for the foie gras nigiri (!), but I wouldn't seek it out on a regular basis. (Couldn't afford to, either. Our bill totaled enough to buy a pair of kayaks.)