October 8th, 2008

lego me

Midnight Reading

Stanza is rocking my world. It's a way to read eBooks on the iPhone which finally doesn't suck. I love reading books on a backlit screen because I can read in the dark, but the iPhone has heretofore been a lousy mobile book platform. I read the last Harry Potter book as a PDF launched from Mail and it was painful. I was constantly reloading the file over the air, fighting screen layout, and scrolling back to position after a reload. Stanza makes my ebook world complete with onboard storage, customizable layout, and position bookmarking. I had been trying to read Behemoth by Peter Watts using AirSharing but with little success. Now that the tools are right, I'm flying through the story. Yeeha!

(obligatory rant: It's nice to see the iPhone slowly crawling its way to match the capabilities of my beloved Pilot 5000 (ca 1997). But I can't believe that this device still doesn't sync Notes or have any To Do support at all. Nor does MobileMe. Isn't this supposed to be a business-class tool now?)