September 23rd, 2008

lego me

summer 2008 in review

Equinox has passed, technically ending summer. How did I do on my goals for the season?

  • check Overnight backpacking trip. Also some car camping on the west coast and day hikes in New Hampshire.
  • check Overnight kayaking trip, plus a few ocean trips and several lake/river rescue drills.
  • close enough Century bike ride. Probably to P-town.
  • FAIL Obtain "420 basic" sailing certification at CBI (though I did take a few classes and enjoy a windy day here or there)
  • check Sing one old favorite and one unknown piece at MasterWorks
  • EPIC FAIL Outdoor climbing trip, possibly Rumney. I haven't touched my climbing harness since February! This must be fixed.
  • check Obtain grill, host barbecue
  • check Dance the tango by moonlight on the Weeks Pedestrian Bridge, plus lessons re-started.

Eh, 75% ain't bad.

Why setting goals is good: I would not have sung Carmina Burana, pedaled to P-town, or sailed quite as much if it hadn't been for these goals. It's far too easy to slack in the moment and decide not to get out and have an adventure. This list reminded me that there are better things than staying home and pushed me out the door when I otherwise wouldn't have left the couch.