July 9th, 2008

lego me

Mystic Roll, vol 2

Another tuesday, another rolling session on Mystic Lake. The most exciting development is that Chris got my "cheater roll" up to 100% reliable. This type of roll involves choking up on the paddle so that it becomes a huge lever arm. I've tried this before using a different paddle and boat, concluding that the technique doesn't work for me. This time, though, the effect was incredible: a perfect roll, every single time.

I still need practice with my sweep roll, though. A cheater roll is unusable in whitewater, is slower to set up, and leaves your hands in a strange position when you return to upright. But it does mean that I can now practice rolls without a spotter since I know I can always recover. What a great feeling!

In addition, my sweep and c2c rolls improved dramatically at this session when I pinned my head against the left shoulder. This prevents an early head jerk, the most common cause of botched rolls. It's actual progress, visible and clear. Yeehaw.