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July 3rd, 2008

12:12 am - PNW Day 2: Goaty Goat Goat Goat

goat mtn

If this mountain were back East, it would be the biggest, baddest peak in the White mountains. We would scream with glee and telemark its still-snowy slopes in July. We would whisper its name in reverent tones. As is, it's a minor prominence in the Cascades and is dwarfed by its much bigger brothers. Still, the ascent is a good hike and even if you don't reach the top it's still about as much vertical as one of the north presidentials.

32 degree F spongepathCollapse )
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10:20 am - PNW Day 3: blame canada

glacial pool

After yesterday's Big Hike, we decided to calm things down with several short walks. The photo is from a mosey around the Mt Baker ski area where we reached an altitude greater than Goat Mtn just by starting at the parking lot. Yes, it's cheating but you do pay a price: we were eventually turned back by plowing operations throwing watermelon-sized chunks of ice and the occasional rock. After visiting a waterfall (emblazoned with dire warnings about dumbass photographers who get themselves killed going for that perfect shot) we decided to make for the canadian border. And that's where the real fun started...

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