May 29th, 2008

lego me

General Update


Haven't felt much like posting since returning from Denver. Life has been exciting, but not much of a departure from the norms. Therefore, nothing worth commenting on. A brief overview of the quotidian reality:

  • Completed my first LobsteRide of the season, a quick bicycle circumnavigation of Cape Anne combined with a lobster. yum!
  • Purchased a grill. It's a nice Weber propane model, so it's easy and fast to use. I am now living the suburban dream.
  • Two separate days of sailing over memorial day weekend. Monday was so windy that I was too scared to jibe. yeeha.
  • Removed invasive plants from the minuteman bike path.
  • Saw Cake play at the EarthFest. I love them for mocking their own fans. It's hard to believe in the festival's environmental credentials when you see the amount of trash left around the Hatch Shell.
  • Signed up with facebook (semi-anonymously) to track a dear friend. I'm bugged by many aspects of the service and don't plan on using it much.
  • Repaired the boat so it (hopefully) won't leak, planted some (doomed) groundcover in the garden.