May 4th, 2008

lego me

Bum Rap

drake at great Scott

Humanwine delivered a fine show at Great Scott on Saturday. They added two violins for a more gypsy sound, and also threw in a cello to enhance artiness. They're natural performers and never lost focus for their entire two hour (!) set.

One of the hand-picked opening bands was the standout of the night, though. I wouldn't say I particularly liked them, but I award serious points for effort. Drake starts well with modern jazzy cello/upright bass/drums/trumpet. Then they mess up by having the trumpeter try to sing. And then things get worse with a puffy-coat-wearing white dude trying to rap about how light his tongue is and how tight his rhymes are. They come so close to brilliance that it hurts. If the trumpeter could sing and had a sense of rhythm, the spoken-word portion could be great. And if the rapper could remember his own lines and deliver less self-aggrandizing material they'd have a groundbreaking act. Good ambition. Needs execution.