April 21st, 2008

lego me


unh trail snow monorail Here's what I love about spring hiking: summer temperatures, winter groundcover, no bugs, no crowds. There's something beautiful about snowshoeing in shorts. We kicked off this year's season with Mt. Hedgehog, usually a moderate climb to good views of the Sandwich range. Snow conditions added some challenge. Most of the hike was a 1ft wide bootpack monorail of firm snow. But that ribbon was surrounded by a deep, soft bank of slush loose enough to posthole snowshoes. Yikes!

The sunburn you see below was sustained on saturday's Paul Revere bike ride, not this hike. It doesn't seem to matter how much SPF45 I trowel on. The first exposure of the year invariably leads to angry, red knees.

sunburnkaya on mt hedgehog