April 9th, 2008

lego me

14.5 days on the mountain, 2007-2008

After two weekends of rain in New Hampshire, I suspect that the ski season is now done. I didn't get nearly enough backcountry, but was pretty happy with some of the lift-serve. We got enough powder dumps that I actually built some technique around the deep stuff, which is tough to do in New England. I am now in love with the Wasatch range and need to get back to Utah ASAP. The rundown:

Blind, but undaunted Killington tele Rainy. Sucked.
photo actually from a different day and a neighboring mountain, but I like it anyway. Cannon tele Great snow, unseasonably warm, impenetrable fog.
Loon tele Hanging with the parents and the crowds
Loon 1/2 tele Bailed early due to excessive ice and crowds.
clearing treeline Cardigan bc tele Piles of backcountry powder, perfect weather, great group.
lafayette from cannon Cannon/Mitersill (bc) tele 2 beautiful slackcountry runs, but the lift-serve was just as good.
admire mt lincoln Cannon tele Clear skies and grippy groomers before 11, grey and icy afterwards.
franconia on a sunny day Cannon tele Beautiful weather, variable snow, an abundance of idiots.
Wachusett 1/2 alpine Night ski, in which I am reminded that locked heels handle ice much better
credit ccllc Cannon tele Bounding through ankle-deep powder with the 'rents.
group at mineral basin Snowbird/Solitude (Utah) 2.5 alpine The sport as it is meant to be, friends included.
Loon alpine Started tele, switched because of ice. Fled crowds by staying in the trees.
Jay 2 telemark NATO workshop, in which a few useful lessons filtered through rambling, disorganized instruction.
  # 10.5 tele
4 alpine
A fine season, overall.