April 4th, 2008

lego me

summer 2008 preview

Last summer was stuffed with little but paddling, belying my initial fear that the boat would gather dust. Though I still intend a busy season of double-bladed happiness, I'm setting a few goals here in order to maintain balance.

  • Overnight backpacking trip
  • Overnight kayaking trip
  • Century bike ride. Probably to P-town.
  • Obtain "420 basic" sailing certification at CBI
  • Sing one old favorite and one unknown piece at MasterWorks
  • Outdoor climbing trip, possibly Rumney.
  • Obtain grill, host barbecue
  • Dance tango by moonlight on the Weeks Pedestrian Bridge
Partners-in-crime, henchmen, jib monkeys, pacers, belay slaves, dancers, sous chefs, and altos always welcome. Let me know what sort of stuff I should keep you informed about. (assuming everyone likes a bbq)

Note: this post is not an admission that winter is over. There's at least one more ski trip and one more traction-aided hike left in the snowpack of New Hampshire.