March 26th, 2008

lego me

Leather and Spandex Unite

The cause was dead. Lt. Gov Kerry Healey had earned my eternal hatred when she vetoed Massbike's Bicyclist's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. It was sad to see years of grassroots lobbying implode in the final days of a lame duck administration, victim of either of Healey's misunderstanding of the law or her craven misrepresentation of its aims.

But bikers may have a new ally: bikers! It seems that motorcyclists are just as concerned about at-fault drivers and the disproportionate damage they cause to the two-wheel set. The leather chaps are pushing a new bill which would criminalize and punish more irresponsible four-wheel behavior. It's not as comprehensive as Massbike's bill, but at this point I'll take anything.

Everyone I know who bicycles on a regular basis has had an unfortunate experience with a car. A distressing number of them have been severely injured enough to require weeks of recovery time. An inattentive driver currently has near-total legal impunity to maim, destroy, and kill. This is not right and must be changed.