January 29th, 2008

lego me

ski mt. trashmore

The weekend, in which my youth returns to haunt me:

2008-01-26-k09I like to ridicule the midwest ski scene, and is worthy of the treatment. I was puzzled this weekend to see a poster for "Boyne Rewards" at Loon (NH). Boyne? Boyne??!?! That can't possibly be Boyne Mountain, home of the 500 foot vertical drop? Place where I was stuck in a bar with "Da Yuppers" selections on constant jukebox play? Place where I decided that semi-snowplowed schussing was a lot more fun than boring parallel turns? Oh crap, yes: Boyne USA leases Loon Mountain.

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lego me

Survey: To cut or not to cut

It's a common geek mistake: give the people what you yourself want. Software developers create options, shortcuts, and use-cases that only an engineer would ever want. I try not to fall into this trap, but have my lapses.

Case in point: I prefer full-text RSS feeds. I'd prefer to browse the web entirely from the safe confines of Google Reader and rather resent being redirected to another site. Who cares if posts are long? Scrolling beats clicking any day. I have unsubscribed from several feeds (freakonomics, I'm looking at you!) when they removed full-text RSS. Because it's what I would want, I almost never use the <lj-cut> tag on this journal.

But you the readers should also get a vote. Do longform full-text posts annoy you? Or are you similarly relieved to not branch your browsing experience?