January 23rd, 2008

lego me

Mutant Flipper Babies and You

Ira Glass aired this telling parable of race and retail in America just in time for MLK day:

Her job was to sell lifelike “newborns” which were displayed in a “nursery”. [...] When the white babies sell out, white parents are faced with a choice: will they go for an Asian, Latino, or African-American baby instead? What happens is so disturbing that Elna has a hard time even telling it. (16 minutes)
Not mentioned in the summary is the red-haired factory reject "Baby Nubbins". Will Baby Nubbins sell before the Babies of Color? The story resembles Santaland Diaries, where parents would uncomfortably request a "more traditional" elf before seating their children with a darker-skinned Claus. Funny, sad, poignant: highly recommended.