January 15th, 2008

lego me

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Cool thing found on the web: tourfilter. It's a service which aggregates concert listings for your hometown. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Band email lists are a waste of time because by definition only a small percentage of tour announcements are going to reflect your area. Unlike horrible corporate spammers like LiveNation, this is very targeted by interest and has great coverage of indie artists and smaller venues. It even has a custom RSS feed and iCal integration. Perfecto!

It's even cool enough to make its hostile usability worth living with. Navigation is haphazard, widgets are capriciously sized, and error messages cryptic at best. By allowing users to type in names, you get a good cross-section of the population's inability to spell. See the various entries for architechture in helsinki, architechure in helsinki, architecture in helsinki, architecture in helsinky, architecture in helskini, and architecture in helskinki.

On a related note, Army of Broken Toys is playing the Abbey Lounge on Friday. (museician I'm looking at you.)