January 11th, 2008

lego me

Verizon, and the Parade of Incompetence

Verizon, the parade of incompetence

  • 45 days
  • 12 cumulative hours on the phone
  • 7 truck rolls
  • 3 emails claiming "congratulations, your service is active!"
  • 3 formal regulatory agency complaints
  • 1 million dead-eyed blinks of the DSL status light

All this, and still no internet service. I have been fighting this battle since November, and today I surrendered.

The prime directive of all Verizon support reps is "get this person off my line ASAP." I wouldn't be surprised if the reps are measured by average time per call, but not resolved issues. It's typical for a rep to claim that my issue isn't their responsibility and transfer the call around, usually multiple times per call. Every interaction I have with these people leaves me feeling angry for the next 4 hours or so.

The prime directive of all Verizon field service personnel is "show up, log the fact that you have showed up, do something unrelated to the problem, shift the responsibility to someone else, leave". Every field tech has claimed that some other tech needs to solve the problem and he can't do it. This is even worse than the phone representatives' buck passing since it requires staying home from work to get shafted.

I feel frustrated and powerless when I am put in a position of begging a monopoly to provide services. The time investment involved in failing to acquire this service has been greater than some people need to manage their chronic diseases.