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Soup Swap 2014

This year marked my 6th Soup Swap. To see how the event has grown, check out the comparison:

I don't know how my chefs do it, but it seems like every year they find new ways to push for even more inventive and tasty soups. Highlights of this year's 21 (!) soups:
  • Best Label: Swap Newbies J&T's gumbo, which also achieved first sell-out
  • Best telling: TW's story about his grandmother and a cow, supporting his chicken dumpling soup.
  • Strong showings from 5 first-time Swappers, including salt cod stew, ham & bean soup, and onion soup.
  • Some hard choices with 2 carrot soups, 2 chicken tortilla soups, and 2 potato soups
  • 9 vegetarian/vegan soups and 2 pescetarian options so everyone could go home happy
  • I made a Haggis soup to honor Scottish poet Robert Burns
  • I'm always happy when a gumbo and a chili show up
  • Most prepared couple: R&A, with their exquisitely-designed labels, rolling cooler, clipboards, and preprinted tally sheets
My freezer is now stocked with 12 quarts that will get me through the rest of the winter. Can't wait to see what you all come up with next year. [ 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012]

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