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[paddle] Piscataqua - Tides and Lobsters

yuper with portsmouth portsmouth harbor bridge

It's a bit of a cheat to say that we paddled 30 miles. Sure, that's what the GPS says. But we put in from Ordiorne Point and paddled up the Piscataqua River at max current, then turned around and rode the same current right back out. It's pretty easy to cover that kind of distance when you have the tides doubling your speed.

Rest stop on goat island The Great Bay

Along the way, yuper and I rode some crazy intertidal chop, checked out the town of Portsmouth from the water, stopped on Goat Island, paddled under some industrial sites on the water, reached the Great Bay, saw a German flag lobster buoy, checked out an abandoned naval prison, and finally achieved our dream of paddle-up lobster at my favorite pound.

Arrival at Chauncey Creek Piscataqua River Paddle

Aside from the technical chop, the only annoyance was dealing with low tide. We had to pick around exposed lobster pots and stick to dredged channels, ultimately taking out from an exposed muddy beach. It's probably the easiest 30 miles I'll ever do. Need to come back sometime and get a closer look at Whaleback light.

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