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[paddle] Achievement Unlocked: Salisbury to Nantasket

paddle log cumulative (2012)

This year my paddling did achieve one big goal that I left out of my 2012 wrapup: I have now section-paddled the Massachusetts coastline from the northern border to the southern entrance to the Bay. All-told, this is only about 70 miles point-to-point, but it represents over 300 miles and 6 years of expeditions (most of which are round-trip with plenty of overlap).

This year's incremental additions were actually pretty modest, filling in an annoying 2 mile gap in Ipswich Bay and another 4 mile stretch on the south end of Cape Ann. But they're notable in that they closed out the last two persistent holes in a now-unbroken path. If there's an island, beach, or lighthouse on that route, I've seen it.

For the future: I can nab a quick win by connecting hampton to rye, which will link a few Isles of Shoals trips to my Massachusetts cluster. I can also connect in a 2008 trip to Minot light to the rest of my Bay paddles by knocking off Nantasket to Cohasset. Neither of these are hugely interesting, so it's not like I'm in a rush. After that, it gets hard since I haven't done much on the south shore.

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