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Boston Soup Swap 2011

erin grabs

After a school-related break last year, dr_sunflare and I returned to hosting Soup Swap. With 20 soups and 20 people, this swap set a new record for variety. Most braved the ugly rain and a few sent proxies. Everyone won. Notable moments:

  • H&A won the world's tiniest cheese grater for "Best Label" on their oxtail soup, featuring an arty depression-era soup line. C fashioned his label as a chili patent application and S found an intricate tapestry for her ethiopian soup. In the past, labels have been an afterthought for many people and I'm happy to see how healthy competition raised the level of artistry.
  • T&D took home a shot glass sized measuring cup for an epic "Best Telling" that showed how they incorporated some southern heritage into french haute cuisine. KK gained attention for "From Russia with Love" with her purple furry hat.
  • The honor of "first sell-out" went to youraverageninj with her prized "Duck, Duck, Goose." If it wasn't enough that she combined duck confit with christmas goose stock, she further sweetened the deal with a bonus tub of duck fat. I have never seen an offering disappear that quickly.
  • My offering this year was "Baa, Oink, Moo, Bambi Meatball Soup". We cooked up 4 individual types of organic meatballs and differentiated each with a different spice. dr_sunflare reproduced a fine thai chicken noodle from a new mexico camping trip, creating the perfect soup for summer and winter.
  • There was a good diversity across meat/veg, spicy/bland. aerynne died inside when she found out that one coveted soup was allergy-banned, but other than that I think everyone went home satisfied.
  • In addition to the cleverly-named soups listed above, also worth mentioning is eestiplika and her "Wards Off Scurvy" sauerkraut & bacon.
  • New feature: a running slideshow with photos of swaps past. In addition to showing how the event has grown, it also let us catch M in repeated sweater-deployment.
  • Species represented: lamb, pork, beef, venison, duck, goose, rabbit, chicken. No fish this year?
  • Lesson learned this year: do not label a soup with unique identifier "P".
Great job, everyone. Enjoy your full freezers and don't forget to thank your chefs when you eat their soup.

See also Soup Swap 2007, Soup Swap 2008, Soup Swap 2009, flickr pool.

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