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A New Goal - 52 With a View

kaya on blueberry mountainus on blueberry mountain

Most of my big goals for the year are obvious: write thesis, graduate, get a job. The more fun one is the beginning of a new hiking list. I started blogging just as I completed the famous NH4k list of 4000 footers in New Hampshire. My parents told me about a new list called "52 with a view" [map], consisting entirely of peeaks lower than 4000ft but with ledges or treeless tops affording a view. It's a less ambitious list than the 48 high peaks, but it does give me something I can do with my aging dog. Looking over the list, I already have a good head start with 14 down. I certainly won't complete the remaining 38 this year (or even ever) but it's a good way to guide my trip planning on those less-macho days. New tag 52view retroactively added to trip reports for avalon, black, chorocura, cardigan, hedgehog, israel, and welch.

We tried to kick off the new year with a hike to Blueberry Mountain. Unfortunately, the deep snow and our stupid decision not to bring snowshoes slowed us down too much. The unseasonably warm temperatures (60 degrees!) left the groundcover heavy and slushy. We reached the first ledge, enjoyed the view of Mt Moosilauke, drank some hot tea, and descended with the goal unattained. Failure isn't a great way to start the first day of a new year, but it beats spending all day nursing a hangover.

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