wolftone (wolftone) wrote,

2010 paddle season is over

dr_sunflare and I closed out the 2010 paddling season with a trip from Hingham to Grape Island. 10-15kt winds and ominous skies made this a bit scary, but it was still a fun day out on the water. Total distance paddled in 2010: 173.2 miles. This is an increase even from last year's ambitious 148.2. It's impressive, but feels diminishing to realize that I have covered the same distance before in a single weekend on my bike.

lobsterpaddle Lobsterpaddle 11 mi
star island 2010 Star Island, Pea Soup 16.6 mi
kendall-to-castle Kendall to Castle 11 mi
graves to brewster Graves and Brewsters 19 mi
marblehead-to-nahant-map Marblehead to Nahant 17 mi
Route south harbor South Harbor 11 mi
22 miles Return to Cuttyhunk 22 mi
portland-goslings-foreside Casco Bay 18 mi, 11mi
LoonQuest Squam Lake Squam Lake 5.6 mi
plymouth to ptown Plymouth to Provincetown 24.2 mi
Hingham Bay Grape Island via Hingham Bay 6.3 mi
Tags: kayak, paddle, retrospective
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