wolftone (wolftone) wrote,

Lafayette and Lincoln - Like Visiting Old Friends

clouds blowing up lafayette

The Lafayette/Lincoln loop is one of the most popular hikes in the Whites for a reason: moderate effort, nontechnical, multiple peaks, a ridge walk, and views of two valleys. It's almost a cliche, but I can't stay away from this hike. This time I was joined by dawntreader42, who has been out of the hiking scene for a while but didn't show it for a second. We started early enough to catch the clouds burning off lafayette, enjoy some pumpkin-chocolate bars at Greenleaf hut, and avoid the worst of the cellphone-toting crowds until we hit Haystack. Perfect weather and unlimited visibility made this a fine trip.

wolftone on lafayette kaya and rox on lafayette undercast in the valley gandalf sez "stay back"

Tags: 4000, hike
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